Sunday, February 28, 2010



This song is misleading. My mood is the opposite. But you, you should enjoy yourself.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

On Wednesday, I took advice from a 12 year old boy who said washing your hair with conditioner first makes it extra soft. It didn't come out soft, it came out greasy and ghetto as shit. This was surprising why?


This is what I do at work:

me: you should really try to make an atlanta bf tho
Christy: hahahahaha. how?
me: hmmm. myspace? jesse smith?
Christy: gentleman jesse?
me: i should email warren, the ugly bassist!!
Christy: yes! why not?
me: sigh okay. you will have to kiss him though. take one for the team. sorry, thats just how it works
Christy: hahahaha. I'll kiss. that's about it though!
Christy: I can't wait to meet him.
me: jesse or warren, your new bf?
Christy: Warren! checking him out on myspace right now.
me: Warren - WOOF WOOF
Jesse - MMMM BOY, youre looking GOOD
me: yeah i wasnt kidding when i said woof woof
Christy: I can't believe you think Jesse is such a babe! this one is him right? that fedora is barfy
me: i dunno. im sure it has to do with the music.. and his sensitivity
Christy: BAhahahaha
how old are these losers?
me: late 20s. warren might be early 30s? losers
ok home time

Friday, February 26, 2010

Seriously. Seriously. I mean really? Seriously? OH SLAM!

I think if my life had a tag line, that would be it. I woke up an hour after I should have started work, had an NSF when trying to pay for my cab (thanks Dad!) and I didn't wash my face before I raced out of the house. Today has actually turned out to be hilarious. Oh boy.

Why can't I find Beer for Breakfast on youtube!?

Replacements - Beer for Breakfast