Monday, April 16, 2012

rockets red glare

I had a book about Challenger flight mission and the teacher, Christina McAuliffe (second from left), when I was little and have been basically plagued by this space travel ever since. I have this whole crew's faces memorized and every time I see them I get a little sad thinking about how excited they must have been and how traumatic it was for their families that day. Look at their smiles! So excited to see that rocket go up and so utterly broken when it fell apart like that. I used to weirdly mourn Christina specifically, maybe because she reminded me of my favourite elementary school teacher, Mrs. Moore?

I think the idea of being in space is fascinating, but still cannot grasp that idea of people in space as "natural" or necessary act. If anyone offered me the chance to go out into space, I would say no in a flat second and would absolutely DREAD anyone I loved doing it.

Read more about the sadness here:

Maybe that's why I hate regular plane flying so much.

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